Kanopy is a movie streaming website where you can get classic cinema for absolutely free.  Provided by your local library or college, the site allows you to sign on using  your library membership information; you get a certain amount of plays per month. The fee for the movies you watch are paid for by the library.

This October is the end of the first year Greenwich library has had a partnership with this platform.  Recently, DVD circulation in the library has lost traction. This is the reaction to the problems that come with renting a movie from the library as well as the decrease in video rentals. In contrast, Kanopy is always up and you can access it anywhere. This website is also efficient for the library because with DVD’s there was a problem of movies being stolen or scratched.

Another service that the Greenwich Library has a partnership with is Hoopla Digital. With this service, you get 25 plays for any of the music, TV shows, and movies they offer.  This website is packed with films from the Criterion Collection, the Janus Films Collection, and Kino Lober Ed Collection. As it is expensive to buy films off of their website or digitally, this is the economic way to watch their catalog of films. They offer films of all different genres and subgenres.

Many of the best film schools use Kanopy when streaming films. This website will also teach you about early cinema and the techniques created and evolution of filmmaking. The film I recommend most when starting this service is the 2000 film “In the Mood for Love”.  Not only is it one of the best films ever made, it was also how I was introduced to this wonderful streaming service. Get a library card and start watching the best cinema out there.; it’s easy to set up and all you need is a library card.  To be able to get one from the Greenwich Library, you need to be a Greenwich resident with identification. Then, go onto the Greenwich library website and sign on. Using the account off the greenwich library, you get twenty plays per month. Let’s start watching some classic world cinema!

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