Cardinal Street Fashion: An Interview With Founder Edith Copp

Lucie Turkel, Editor-in-Chief

One of the greatest aspects of going to a large high school is the myriad different activities that one can get involved in. With about 25 different sports teams for both boys and girls and a little

over 100 clubs, there’s almost endless options for student engagement. Perhaps the best part is that the roster of student-run clubs is always expanding. One of the newest editions is the Cardinal Street Fashion club, which was just created this school year. Edith Copp, a junior at GHS and the creator of the club, answered a few questions about this new and exciting addition to the impressive list of GHS organizations.

Why did you decide to start Cardinal Street Fashion?

I started the club because I saw kids wearing really awesome clothes to school and I thought they should get some credit for the effort they put in.

Describe what you usually do in the club.

We spend a lot of time taking photos, editing them, coming up with themes, and organizing meetings. Taking photos is the main activity we do though. The club doesn’t usually do anything outside of school but we do allow high schoolers to be photographed off school property.

How many members are there?

There are about thirty members so far, but anyone can join the club as long as they know the rules.

How has social media helped your club expand?

Instagram is our main platform for the club so without social media none of this would really be possible. Almost everyone at GHS has an Instagram so it’s really a great resource for us to reach out to everyone.

How can people get involved/join the club?

Email us at or come to one of our meetings so that we can explain the rules and then they can get cracking!


Cardinal Street Fashion Club meets every other Monday after school in Room 714. It’s open to any students to join. Make sure to follow their Instagram @cardinalstreetfashion to keep up with their latest photos and for a chance to be featured!