Coming Soon: The Pajama Game

By Anne-Emilie Rouffiac

GHS Theatre is getting ready to wow the crowd once again in their upcoming production of Pajama Game. Based on the novel written Richard Bissel and George Abbott, it was brought to the stage when Richard Adler and Jerry Ross made it a musical ( And in 1955, Pajama Game won the Tony for Best Musical!
Cast member, senior Kenleigh Merritt, said that the show is “going well! Rehearsals are full of energy and excitement for opening!” In her view, the audience should most look forward to “seeing all of the hard work the cast has put in and the awesome musical numbers that will have the audience smiling from ear to ear!”
In summary, the show takes places during the 1950s. It shows the lives of union workers at a Pajama factory as they fight for a raise of 7 1/2 cents. Tension brews not only between the factory owners and workers, but also between the head of the grievance committee, Babe Williams, and the new superintendent, Sid Sorokin. The two square off, but end up falling for each other. As student actress Maggie Tone put it, they must navigate their “forbidden love” and the union workers’ strike.
The cast will consist of students enrolled in the first semester musical theater class called On Stage!, a course that allows every individual to develop their acting, singing, and dancing skills while taking on multiple roles in December. Since September, individual blocks of the class have worked to learn lines, music, and choreography. After Thanksgiving break, the full cast began to rehearse together.
“At first, rehearsals were a little overwhelming, but the show is really coming together and I’m so excited for everyone to see it!! It’s a really fun show with lots of comedy, drama, and talented performers.” explained junior Maggie Tone, Bursting with upbeat numbers, comedic characters, fantastic tunes, and drama, this show will leave the audience with a smile on their face.
So, support GHS Theater! Pajama Game will be performed from December 12-15th in the Black Box Theater. Tickets will be sold at $10 that week.

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