Faulty Fire Alarm Causes Evacuation

By Julia Blank ’20

According to Assistant Headmaster Tulotta, the fire alarm evacuation that occurred during last block on Thursday, January 3rd, was due to a faulty smoke alarm. Within minutes, students were walking down Hillside road while fire trucks sped toward the school. This faulty alarm was instantly replaced as the firemen quickly responded. This alarm was located in Zone A, which includes the Student Center, Media Center, and the 5 houses. The science wing was neither affected nor evacuated. The issue was quickly resolved and students were able to resume class.

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“I was having my English class when the fire alarm happened. We were about to sit down and work on our group project when it happened. No one in my class, including the teacher, knew anything about it. We didn’t know whether it was a drill or a real fire. It was really cold and I didn’t like it.” 
-Marie Sokolova, junior

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“I was in Chem. One of my friends texted me, “Are you okay?” It did not go off in the [Science] wing. I didn’t feel very afraid.” 
-Meredith Blanchard, sophomore

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