Freshman Class Officer Elections

By Sydney Floch

Over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed posters along the walls of the Student Center. Candidates came up with creative slogans like “Georgia Sherr for sure” and “Join the fight and vote for Knight”.  In Opportunity Block on Thursday, September 19th, students watched a 10 minute video of election speeches, as opposed to cramming hundreds of students into the auditorium. This is the first year students have been able to listen to candidate’s speeches without the chaos of the auditorium. Voting for the freshman class elections was conducted online on September 20th from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Nine candidates ran for office. Only one ran unopposed; Sloan Farmer will serve as Vice President of the freshmen class. Sloan attended Eastern Middle School. His job is to assist the President with all of his assignments.

Catherine O’Brien and Alex Pratt ran for the secretary position. Both candidates went to Eastern Middle School. During her campaign, Catherine emphasized the importance of addressing the issues students face every day.

“Every one of their concerns will be brought up in meetings,” O’Brien stated.

Ultimately, Alex got the position. Alex’s job is to take notes during meetings and to record all topics and issues brought up. He will also update the class regarding upcoming events.

Brandon Yu and Ambika Grover both ran for class treasurer. Brandon took AP Calculus as an eighth grader and scored a perfect eight hundred on the math SAT. Ambika was on the Student Council and Debate Team at Eastern Middle School. Brandon won the election, and he will manage the accounting and fundraising for the freshman class.

There were four different candidates running for freshman class president. Luke Mazullo is a student from Eastern Middle School, along with Andrew Knight. Andrew advocated for helping students out with their issues.

“I’m more than willing to help my peers out with their problems,” Knight said. 

Georgia Sherr is another candidate from Eastern Middle School. One of her main priorities is making sure that everyone’s voice will be heard; in her campaign, she explained that she aims to make GHS a less stressful environment.

“I know it’s cliche, but I think really just making GHS less stressful would be beneficial,” Sherr said.

Isabella Gega also ran for president. As mentioned in her election speech, she plays for the Cardinal varsity soccer team and attended Central Middle School.

In the end, Luke Mazullo won his election and will now be the freshmen class president. 

As they begin their work with the Greenwich High School Student Government, the freshmen class officers and representatives will amplify our voices and address pressing issues. Remember to contact our elected officials if you have any concerns or new ideas to propose.

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