Greenwich Students and Faculty Give 46 Pints of Blood

by Madeleine Macora

On Friday November 16, juniors and seniors came together with faculty, overcoming tense strife caused by the ongoing Penny Wars to help those in need. That day, the annual Red Cross Blood Drive took place. Starting at 7:30 AM and continuing until 1:00 PM, volunteers were able to assist 49 people in donating blood. Thus, approximately 11.5 gallons of blood were donated, which significantly helped those needing it when undergoing surgeries or emergency medical care.

Due to the snow warning, regular school time was delayed one hour, which unfortunately made many donors unavailable to show up. Despite the delay, many people were enthusiastic about donating blood, and the sign-up sheet had at least 92% of the slots filled to donate.

Such solid attendance is key to help supply blood for others. As Rena Landberg, the head coordinator for the event and Student Government Vice President of Community Service, explained, a person needs blood every two minutes, and each donation has the potential to save up to three lives.

The Drive was overseen by the Student Government, but the Community Service Committee orchestrated the event. Only students and faculty were allowed to donate in this particular event, which was used to foster a giving school community environment and put “an emphasis on helping others and [on] our moral and civic duties,” according to Landberg. One volunteer felt that “With all of the sad things going on on the world we all need to to step up and volunteer.” A donor stated “I think donating blood is important because it’s easy, quick and some people need it to live.”

Fear not! If you weren’t able to give blood due to the time change or are not a member of Greenwich High School, there are many other Red Cross blood drives going on within Greenwich and can be found at: html/find-drive. 

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