Home for Break? Have a Staycation

Wondering what to do over your Connecticut staycation? Here are some ways to step-up your February break:

Check out the Avon Theatre Film Center to see the latest and most innovational cinematic masterpieces (this will actually let you appreciate the Oscars!). On Saturday, February 17, the Avon is screening a series of Oscar nominated documentary shorts. Finish off the day by channeling your inner ‘50’s self with a milkshake at Lucky’s Classic (they even have a Nutella one―yum!).

Are dogs your only friends (it’s ok… we all know that’s probably true)? Stop by Tod’s Point to spend some quality time with local pooches. If you’re more interested in exotic animals (including rare Amur baby tigers), take a trip to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo!

Stop by the Bruce Museum to see their Treasures of the Earth and American Abstraction exhibits before they close in April. The magnificent displays of mineral formations and ‘70’s artwork will blow you away.
For those of you SoBol fanatics, attempt to make your own DIY acaí bowl! Start out by blending acaí berries, other frozen fruits, and yogurt to thicken the smoothie. After pouring your concoction into a bowl, top it off with bananas, blackberries, strawberries, coconut, granola, or even almonds!

To satisfy your inner foodie, stop by Michael’s to try out one of their signature cake decorating classes. For only $15, receive professional instruction, so you can actually make a semi-decent cake! Classes are being held on the 13th and 15th of this month.

For a good group bonding activity, book an escape room at trap’t Escape Room Adventures in Stamford. These puzzling rooms range from an art gallery to a subway stop.

If you’re in for a splurge to top off your vacation, check out iFLY Westchester! This indoor skydiving locale offers packages starting at $89.95 per person, but this bucket list item will leave you speechless.


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