How Fashion Has Warped Minimalism

Madeleine Zhou, Opinions Editor

In the past couple years, the concept of minimal fashion has been popping up more and more. It has become a trend amongst designers and bloggers alike, and there is no doubt that clean, sharp lines and simple silhouettes are pleasing to the eye. However, with more people jumping aboard the minimalist bandwagon, the definition of minimalism has strayed away from what it originally was, and some argue that fashion has killed minimalism.

First of all, fashion is based in artistic design, and the fashion industry revolves around trends. A fashion show is like an art exhibit, and each model serves as a canvas. Designers often create looks that are over-the-top as an act of artistic expression, so to suddenly see collections where the embellishments are stripped away is a surprise. It makes a statement by itself, and it is easy to understand how people are intrigued. Many people think fashion is ridiculous because of what they see on the runway, so the purity of minimalism is like a breath of fresh air. However, whenever a trend pops up, there are always people that change it to make it their own, and then the trend experiences a second round.

Eventually, the end result looks nothing like what it initially was. Minimalism is not just an art concept, but it is also a lifestyle. Minimalists own as few things as possible and try to reduce their consumption, often giving little meaning to material possessions. Minimalism in fashion is characterized by lots of white and blank space, and monochrome outfits are popular.