Hurricane Relief at Greenwich High School

By Emma Burstiner

In the past 6 weeks, three calamitous natural disasters have impacted millions of people. First, the longest storm in history, Hurricane Harvey tore through Belize, Honduras, Texas, and Louisiana starting on August 17, 2017, and ending on September 3, 2017. There was a death toll of at least 83 people, towns were ripped apart, and islands devastated; people were left with destructed homes, no food, and limited access to clean or bottled water. Then just a few days later, on August 25, 2017, Hurricane Irma completely ravaged Puerto Rico, the Caribbean Islands, Cuba, and Florida. This was one of the most catastrophic hurricanes recorded since Hurricane Wilma in 2005; it was a Category 5 storm and there were 102 fatalities recorded as of September 21. People have been left in flooded towns, cities, and islands with homes in pieces and again, with no drinking water. The entire island of Puerto Rico was without power, and in Florida at least eight senior citizens in a nursing home died from the heat due to no electricity. Both of these hurricanes ruined people’s lives and many were forced to leave their homes for an indefinite amount of time. Many who were living on islands such as St. Thomas with children were told to move because their government did not have an estimate for when the schools would be repaired. These families were forced to leave their beloved home and move to a new island with none of their possessions, and this forces them to completely restart their lives.

Then, Hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean again, and whatever had not been destroyed from Irma, was fully demolished from this hurricane.These affected people need help and support to allow them to move through this devastating time. Greenwich High School is supporting efforts to help the people who suffered through these natural disasters. The Student Government Community Service Committee is currently selling tickets for a drawing at lunch to raise money to donate to a designated organization that is helping the devastated areas. There are many gift cards to be given to students whose names are picked in the drawing. Additionally, the Community Service Committee raised money on Back to School Night for the sophomores and juniors, as they were extremely successful on this night for the freshman and seniors. The organization receiving the money will use it to rebuild homes, restore power, give people food and clean water, and make the shelters less crowded. Many clubs at Greenwich High School have a desire to raise funds for hurricane relief, so there will be many announcements about this in the coming weeks. If a club wishes to raise money for hurricane relief, they should contact Dr. Winters and consider joining forces with the Student Government projects, as this will allow the school to work as one united body.