iGreenwich App is a Success Among Students

by Sara Wilson and Elisabeth Casolo

Greenwich High School is notorious for its difficult schedule. With eight different repeating days, each with a different order of the class blocks, the feeling of confusion and stress is bound to occur. Prior to the release of the iGreenwich app, many students relied on Aspen’s auto-generated schedule (which includes an overwhelming total of fifty-six boxes featuring each day’s classes). This has likely intimidated every freshman at the high school. Keeping track of the class lengths is not an easy feat either, as students have to refer to planners for the normal times or to their e-mail for special schedules.

The iGreenwich app, though, could change the game. Created by two students at the University of Pennsylvania―founders of Diamond Apps, LLC―iGreenwich is one of several apps aimed toward Connecticut public high schoolers. The corporation has developed platforms for other high schools within the state, including Staples, Darien, and most recently Newtown.

This new app is becoming extremely popular in the Greenwich High School environment, and students are raving about all the positive features. Junior, Kendall Schrohe, explains, “I like how I can see the exact amount of time I have left in each of my classes. It is very easy to see what class I have next, instead of having to go back to my actual schedule in Aspen every time.” Thus, iGreenwich helps to make the day more efficient as students can check their schedule on the go. Finn Stewart, a junior, states that his favorite feature of the app is “the countdown of the time left in each block.”

Dylan Diamond―a college student and the iOS developer behind the app―explained that a Greenwich High School student contacted him and his business partner, Max. The student “suggest[ed] that it would be great for Greenwich, so we went ahead and built it, and [we] hope that it helps all of the students at GHS!”

When the app was rolled out, there was an issue, however: schedules were automatically public to other users of the app. Several students did not mind this; Schrohe, for example, explained, “I … love how I can see my friends’ schedules so I can see what opens we have together.” Yet, many others felt less comfortable with this feature, wanting to have the choice to make their information private. Stewart stated, “The only concern I had was having random people in the school know my schedule, because I like to stay lowkey during the day.”

The app’s duo of developers efficiently addressed this concern: “As soon as the issue came to our attention, we immediately set out to develop a feature [allowing for a private schedule] for Greenwich.” This feature now permits students to share their schedules with a select group of their peers. A private schedule means that other students must request access to it before being able to view it.

Mr. Piotrzowski’s e-mails helped with informing the student body about the app. Despite this, he was unaware of its creators and its availability within other schools in the region.

“It was brought to my attention through Mrs. Foster through four Greenwich High School students,” Mr. Piotrzowski described. Since he desired more perspective on the resource, he “went through the IT people at Havemeyer.”

It’s safe to say that the majority of GHS students are informed about the app, thanks to the group of students who advertised it to the student body. When asked to comment about the app, two sophomores were still questioning whether the app is worth downloading.

Sophia Lamine stated, “I think I went on it [the app] like twice or three times. It’s not that useful. Why do you need it?” She has noticed that the “exact” countdowns can be a few seconds off, which defeats the purpose. Sophia does not think that having a schedule in this format is necessary when many students already know what block is next.

When prompted about the app, Benjamin Rosmarin, another sophomore, had a slightly different reaction. Rosmarin said that he frequently uses a website called My Study Life: “It has all of my class times, and it lets me put in all of my tasks… homework assignments.” Rosmarin says this website acts as his planner and schedule, so he has not used the iGreenwich app.

GHS students have many different perspectives on the new app, but all in all, the vast majority is excited by the many benefits that iGreenwich offers, as there are currently about 1,500 users out of about 2,700 possible users. As the app gains more publicity, this number is bound to rise. Greenwich High School is eager to see what the app holds for the future.

Photo Credit: iTunes Store screenshots

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