Improv Night

By: Aubrey Dyckman

On September 15 GHS theater came out with their first production of the year. The show had no script, the cast spent little time rehearsing, and the act was as much of a surprise for them as it was for the audience. Yes, it was Comedy Improv night at the Black Box. Theater games were picked by improv hosts and leaders, with ideas of which casts members would fill which parts, but only Mr. Kohn, the director of the theater department, knew exactly which games would be played in order to make the experience more fun and authentic. “The only way to prepare for improv is to practice,” said senior Cameron Kittell. “We played theater games the week leading up to the show in the class ‘Theater Workshop’ and came in for a couple hours on Tuesday when we had no school.”

Although the games and experience on stage provides a thrill for each actor, Cameron said her favorite part of the performance was just being able to be with the cast. “Improv is the absolute scariest thing in the entire world, so everyone is extremely supportive. We all want new members of the troupe to do well, so leaders try their hardest to help them on stage and make sure to give them huge hugs when it’s all over.” Despite her fear, the experience has improved her abilities to solve problems and interact with others outside of the theater department as well. “Improv is even being used as a therapy method for individuals with anxiety because it helps to build confidence, communication and quick-thinking skills. I’ve felt myself become more confident in my interactions with others and ability to create quick solutions in times of crisis.”

However the night also provided fun and laughter to an eager audience. “When we perform comedy improv for an audience, it allows them to escape for two hours, laugh, and just have a good time,” said senior Julia Bibeault. “The audience’s energy was amazing and they adored everything we did.” The show’s success kick starts another great year of theater at GHS, with Shakespeare’s “As You Like It,” and “High School Musical” coming up in the near future. Shows are open auditions, and theater classes offered at the high school include Comedy Improv, OnStage, Acting 1, Acting 2, Theater Workshop, and Stagecraft. Cameron Kittel commented that “In the future we also perform a couple more improv shows, the winter play, Magic Circle, spring musical and an improv festival! It’s going to be an amazing year for GHS Theater!”