“It” Review

The horror movie “It” has recently passed The Exorcist to become the highest grossing horror movie ever made. Domestically, it has grossed $236.3 million while The Exorcist did $232.9 million. Its accomplishment has some shortcomings because globally, the Exorcist has still grossed more. Moreover, if inflation is taken into account, since the Exorcist premiered in 1973, The exorcist grossed a little over a billion dollars, much much larger than It. However, it is likely that “It” will soon pass the Exorcist in global revenue, although it will likely not come close to the success of The Exorcist. The killer clown movie has become Stephen King’s most successful adaptation, although it falls short of truly being the most successful horror movie ever made, unable to top the Exorcist.

Once again, teenagers are flocking to theaters to see the latest R rated flick with their friends. I would recommend skipping the rest of this paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers. “It” tells the story of a group of kids who call themselves the losers club, who reside in a town with a history of terrible occurrences, such as child disappearances. The kids figure out that these terrible events are all connected by one thing, It, otherwise known as Pennywise the dancing clown. Pennywise can shapeshift into whatever the kid’s worst nightmare is and awakens ever 27 years to eat a child. The losers club bands together to fight pennywise and ends up defeating him temporarily. They all make a pact to return to their hometown to finish off the clown should he return again. Terrifying and humorous at the same time, “It” takes a compelling story by King and makes a fantastic horror film.

“It” might look weak in comparison to The Exorcist, but it is an incredibly successful and popular horror movie in its own right. The film has been incredibly financially successful, operating off of a small $35 million budget, managing to make nearly $500 million. On the review site rotten tomatoes, the film received a certified fresh 85% from film critics and an 87% from audiences. It is a well acted, well executed horror movie with a touching story at its heart. The film also feeds into people’s nostalgia, similar to the amazing Netflix series “Stranger Things,” as it is set in 1986 and provides a genuine feel for the era. In a world with horror movies capitalizing on jump scares, “It” provides some quality terror.

I cannot stand most horror films, as I find them far too terrifying, and it took the vast majority of my friends seeing this movie to pressure me into seeing it. Unsurprisingly I was terrified, and frankly did not enjoy the experience. However the movie itself was great and I can easily recommend this film to both people hesitant about horror films and others who love them. “It” is an entertaining and incredibly popular movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, anyone and everyone should see it.

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