Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

by Cameron Paradiso

Kingsman 2 is a disappointing but fun movie.This is director Matthew Vaughn’s third venture into the book to film adaptation: first with Kickass in 2010 and then Kingsman: The Secret Service in 2014, both of which are great films. I went into the film with low expectations, hearing poor reviews from critics I favor. After finishing the film, I would say that it’s better than what critics say about it, although I see where their perspective. The film starts off with a bang, giving the first of a couple great fight scenes provided by this film. It’s a great way to start a sequel, but also where the problems begin.

The opening scenes rely heavily on being a sequel, making constant references to the first film. The use of fanservice is cringeworthy, although some aspects are done well as I enjoy the idea that the story continues. Now, Eggsy has been an agent for a year, and is with the Swedish princess he saved in the first film. The film impressively creates a new plot rather than recycling almost everything that happened from the first film, which was unfortunately seen in 22 Jump street After this opening sequence we meet the villain, played by Julianne Moore. She is one of the biggest problems with the film. The first kingsman had Samuel L Jackson playing someone who wasn’t Sam L Jackson. He was a character that was fun to watch. Him and Colin firth made the original special, and Colin’s return in this movie is great. His scenes were among the best in the film, although he doesn’t come back until halfway through the movie. Julianne Moore ruins the experience; her character is bland and her motives are poorly written.

Another problem that comes with this movie is the tone. Part of what made Kingsman The Secret Service so great was how it was a parody of the genre of spy movies, as subtle or blunt as it was. When taken away, it just becomes a generic spy movie. When Kingsman becomes a much more serious movie, it’s a lot harder to have a fun time watching it. It also wasn’t enjoyable seeing all the characters established in the first film killed off in the first thirty minutes.  Because of the carnage, Eggsy has to go to the Statesmen, the cousin organization to the Kingsman This was an idea that I felt could’ve been expanded upon greatly.  Their use in the film was just as a basecamp. Channing Tatum wasn’t in the movie for too long, and neither was Jeff Bridges. It would’ve been so awesome to see these two in a fight scene or two.  Why have them in the film if we see barely any of them?  Instead we get Pedro Pascal and an electric lasso and Halle Berry at his side. As much as I enjoyed her appearance, there wasn’t much point to her being there. Pascal’s use of his lasso makes for the most unique weapon in the film and it was very satisfying seeing it in action.

Something that bothered me in the action scenes was the music choice. Most of the time, the music chosen didn’t fit the fight. It ruined a lot of the enjoyment that could’ve been with these actions scenes being the highlights of the movie. Finally the ending of the film was very poor. The “twist” used was shoehorned in and it felt very unsatisfactory watching it unfold. It made me want to walk of the theater.  There’s also this political statement made in the film, It doesn’t know if it’s trying to make some statement about the American politics other “Government is bad”. It really shouldn’t have been there. One thing that I didn’t realize until after seeing the movie was that there were jokes made through.  All of them completely flew over my head as they were so poorly written. One of the jokes was just Elton John being Elton John.  The whole use of his character was absolutely pointless.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle will entertain you; the fight scenes alone are worth watching on YouTube when it comes out on digital distribution. It’s also a fun movie to watch, on the level of watching something from Michael Bay. Coming from Matthew Vaughn, I’m hugely disappointed, knowing what he’s done in the past. Being that as it is, this film gets a fun 4/10.  Stick to the first.

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