Meet Your Student Body President: Zane Khader

by Zane Khader

Zane Khader explains three reasons he got involved in GHS student government:

1. I got involved in student government at Greenwich High School during my Freshman year. Prior to that, I served in as one of the leaders of the student government at Western Middle School, where it acted as a medium for students to get involved in community service. As part of my 8th grade capstone project, I announced that I would be running for Freshman Class President in order to pursue change in the high school with regards to the culture surrounding GPA and the SAT. I believed that standardized tests promoted a wealth gap in Greenwich that needed to be sorted out. Through the accessibility of Khan Academy’s free test prep via district-distributed chrome books and a greater emphasis on the necessary skills to succeed at standardized testing within school curriculum, that initial goal has been partially realized. I still believe that we can expand on what we’ve got to offer free methods of SAT and SAT Subject Test prep for underprivileged students that cannot afford private tutors.

2. The greatest thing I’ve learned as part of Student Government is that it is better for people to hear your voice, regardless of how dissident it is, than to not. I’ve met so many different types of people throughout my three terms as class president, all with unique skill-sets and strengths, and I have to say that I most appreciate people who are bold enough to state their ideas in front of the entirety of student government over people who aren’t. Student government should exist as a vehicle for change and all effective vehicles need fuel to move. People that take the initiative to make their ideas known and to pursue their goals are our fuel.

3. Students should join student government in order to have their voices heard directly by members of the administration and school leadership and indirectly by the Board of Ed. No other opportunity to be heard exists in the same way that student government does. In regards to why people should care about voting, it’s important to realize that choosing the right person to serve in a specific position offers various benefits. A good class president will use his/her position to positively affect the social climate of his/her class by constantly appearing as a figurehead for people to rally behind, give good advice, and serve as a general role model for others.

Photo Credit: Zane Khader

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