New School Start Times: Good or Bad?

By: Lindsay Kinsella

The later school start time is the biggest change this year at GHS; many people love getting more beauty sleep, while others have been complaining about getting out of school an hour later.

Most of the students against the new school start time are particularly negative towards the later end time of 3:15 pm because they are involved with sports teams and clubs after school. Because of this new time, these school activities can end anywhere from 4:45-7:00 pm with games extending those times past dinner and sunset. With homework piling up as the school year gets into full swing, athletes have less and less time to do their work, causing them to stay up later in the evening to finish up their English projects or study for their math tests.

The initial purpose of these later times was to give students more sleep, but students who are against the change say that they are getting the same amount as previous years. By staying up later and getting up later, the amount of time spent asleep is the same as it was last year.

In addition, these later times in the morning are causing more traffic with the buses and parents commuting to the train for work. At 8:00 am, rush hour is booming and students get to school later with less time to relax, mingle with fellow peers, talk to teachers, or get extra help. Students who drive to school are forced to leave at almost the same time as last year in order to see teachers or friends before school starts. Sometimes these buses are late to school altogether and this can put a strain on students missing work and getting tardies in their first period classes.

On the contrary, the other side says that many studies relay how important sleep is to teenagers. Without enough sleep, students cannot focus during the school day and their work suffers. In theory, with the new start times, a whole new hour of sleep is given to the students in the morning so they can put all of their attention towards school. This means that the students will learn more as they are focused and fully awake in all of their classes, even first period.

Sophomore Allie Trotman speaks against the start times and says, “[the start times make school] end so late after school that I don’t have enough time to do anything but do homework!” This can prevent students from pursuing their passions, getting tutored to help them in subjects in which they need it, and getting much-needed relaxation time in their day. Students are stressed and do not have the time after school that every student needs to succeed individually.

However, this need for less stress can also be attributed to those for the new start times. They say that students are less stressed out when they aren’t as tired and can think more clearly and get more work done efficiently after school.

What do you think about the new school start times? Do you like getting more sleep in the morning? Do you play sports and hate getting out so late from practice? Should GHS revert back to last year’s times?