Saturday Night Live: The Election

Sofia Vittoria, Entertainment Editor

In the wake of the election, many different entertainment outlets have taken stances when it comes to a response to the results of the election.  The outcome shocked many, especially hosts of popular talk shows such as Stephen Colbert, Trever Noah, and Seth Meyers.  Similarly, Saturday Night Live appeared to be just as shocked.  Throughout the election campaign, Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon took on the characters of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively.  Outside of our television screens, many people have decided to participate in strikes against the president-elect. However, Saturday Night Live, is not allowed to take a clear stance on the situation and will not do so.  Despite this, the cast made it quite clear, who they were supporting.

The Saturday preceding the election, both Baldwin and McKinnon took to the stage acting as their characters. Most people expected to hear some final laughs as the SNL cast has continued to treat Donald Trump’s candidacy as a joke, and although they did hear this, the most powerful moment of the skit was when both McKinnon and Baldwin broke character to support Clinton through remarks against Trump’s campaign, without actually endorsing the first nominated female candidate.  

The weekend following the campaign, the cast put forth a sort of silent protest, first opening with Kate McKinnon’s performance of “Hallelujah”, a tribute to Leonard Cohen.  The lyrics, “Love is not a victory march” can be closely related to Clinton’s continued campaign rally cry, “Love Trumps Hate.”  On top of this performance, the cast hosted Dave Chappelle, who is known for involving himself in political issues and weighing in on race relations in the United States today.  This somber tone repeated in the episode continued SNL’s role of sharing opinionated views on the election, while refraining from officially supporting a candidate.