Seniors Spread Good V18es at SRO

by Paige Hayes

SRO, a senior year tradition that marks an end of a chapter in life and the beginning of a new one, wrapped up last weekend true to its name Standing Room Only.

The jammed packed, popular variety show created and performed entirely by the GHS Senior class had it all – laughs, dancing, musical acts, and skits.

GHS Headmaster, Dr. Winters, has had an active role in SRO nine times as an administrator and once as a student. He shared that although there is a lot of similarity between each SRO, it often varies because the skits each year “reflects the current dynamics of the country, what’s going on in the world politically, and what is funny now.”

SRO incorporated many relevant topics in school today such as Kahoot, the media center seating restrictions, school start time, traffic, and overall things students/faculty at GHS say.

Romano Orlando, participant and skit chair, described his experience, “there is nothing that I have done that has brought me closer to the other kids in my grade like this. Just doing it with everyone for three nights and practicing pretty much every day after school for long periods of time, I get so close with other classmates that is just so rewarding.”

Julia Putrino, participant and T-shirt coordinator, recommended and encouraged  SRO for the next senior class. “I wish more people got involved this year and I think that it is just such a longstanding tradition at the high school and I definitely think it would be awesome if it could be as big as it used to be.”

“The best part was seeing people I know up on stage having fun,” said Eve Rossello, a junior at GHS. She added that she was on the fence about participating in it next year but after watching Friday nights show now, “I’m definitely going to join it next year.”

Romano Orlando expressed how every year, students see the show and regret not doing it. He recommends to “do it because there is no downside, you’re just having a good time, and you get to know your classmates better.”

Photo by Paige Hayes

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