“Skip the Straw”

by Caitlin O’Brien

It is no surprise that plastic is taking over some of our oceans. Even at our local beach, Tod’s Point, it is impossible to take a stroll along the water and not see some form of plastic inhabiting the sea. That is why a Skip the Straw event was hosted at Greenwich Library January 27 in the Cole Auditorium. It showed the award winning documentary Straws by Linda Booker, which depicted the kind of impact plastic straws have on the environment. Billions of these plastic straws end up in landfills, or worse, in our oceans, where they are consumed by animals who mistake it for food, harming or killing wildlife.

The documentary stated it poses as an “imposter” to the sea creatures. After the documentary, Renata Malyshev, a student from Greenwich High School and co president of the Environmental Action Club, spoke. She stated in her speech that, “it is crucial for us to step up and decide that not only will we work to educate one another, but that we will not be complacent in our roles, because plastic does not simply go away”. Another student in the Environmental Action Club commented on the event, “I think it is a step in the right direction and it is good to have our town getting greener”. The event also hosted some smaller businesses that sell alternatives to plastic straw: straws made from metal, paper, and even plants. One organization that was there was Kids Think Big; they sell straws made from a reed in Costa Rica, through an online store. There are many alternatives to plastic straws, and using one of those alternatives will help the Skip the Straw movement and empower more to be more cautious of their choices.

Photo Credit: Emma Burstiner

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