SRO Seniors Feel the V18e

The seniors of Greenwich High School have put together their own production called Standing Room Only (SRO) which will take place on March 8-10 at 7:00 pm in the PAC.

The theme for this years SRO is Feelin’ The V18e. “It’s a very fun, chill environment,” said senior Hannah Doyle. “A lot of the songs we are dancing to are throwbacks that everyone should know and everyone can have fun with. SRO is a special thing because it’s a group of people coming together from all different types of musical and performance backgrounds to put together one show, so there is something in there for everyone.”

Tryouts for the senior show were held January 25th for music and January 26th for skits. Emily Delepine, the Skit Chair of SRO, described those trying out as “very comfortable; no one seemed really nervous. I think the fact that they were auditioning in front of peers instead of adults really helped.”

So far, there are 125 students in the production. Although auditions are over, any seniors that are willing to participate are welcomed to join.

SRO primarily consists of singing, acting, and dancing. As Emily Gunzberg, one of the Overall Chairs of SRO, explained, “the skits are a commentary on GHS while the dances are to show the unity of the senior class”

All of the ticket sales of SRO and bake sales go directly towards the senior prom budget.

The purpose of SRO is to “bring the seniors together as a sort of a last hoorah to celebrate what they’ve done and to point out quirks they’ve noticed during the high school career.”

The Skit Chair of SRO, Emily Delepine, shared with us to expect a lot of “comedy skits relating to popular things seen at GHS that a lot of students can relate to.” In the past, there have been skits on popular school subjects, such as the wifi.

The entertaining and unique senior production, SRO, has been a Greenwich High School tradition ever since 1971. SRO is worth seeing for the whole school to have a laugh and promote unity within GHS. As a close knit community, it is essential we keep these values and customs alive in our town.


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