Student Government Elections 2016

Natalie Lilien, Special Correspondent

On Tuesday, May 24th, Greenwich High School held student government elections for the upcoming 2016-2017 term. This year, polling was conducted through Google forms. Mrs. Fox emailed a link to students, offering flexibility

and eliminating the cumbersome step of presenting a school I.D. and voting during lunch block. In the race for student body president, Joseph Magliocco won. Joe promises to, “Make GHS Great Again!” and continue the work he did during his time as Junior Class President. The campaigning for this position was fierce, and it involved multiple custom Snapchat geotags. The elected members of the executive committee are as follows: Sofia Vittoria as Vice President of Communications, Emily Bass as Vice President of Community Service, Jimmy Catalano as Vice President of Special Events, and Reed Aaron as Vice President of Student Concerns.

The forthcoming seniors elected Ricky Columbo as President, Liz Murray as Vice President, Dolores Eslava as Secretary, and Spencer Grabel  as Treasurer. The Class of 2017 has a very promising group of leaders. The Class of 2018 elected Greg Goldstein as President, Willa Doss as Vice President, Zachary Moore as Secretary, and Alissa Landberg as Treasurer. The Class of 2019 elected Alexander Kosyakov as President, Hayley Duffy as Vice President, John Callahan as Secretary, and Zoe Metalios as Treasurer. Next year’s Student Government is sure to have an amazing and productive term.