Students Condemn Hate at Greenwich High School

By Michelle Xiong

At Greenwich High School, students have been making their voices heard about current events and politics. Last month, the Young Democrats and Young Republicans clubs collaborated on hosting a campaign called GHS Hates Hate. The purpose of the campaign is to condemn the offensive rhetoric and violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

A group of around thirty students gathered outside of the glass corridor to sign a banner and to listen to speakers during lunch block.  One speaker was Sandy Litvack, a candidate who is running against incumbent Peter Tesei in the race for Greenwich First Selectman this fall. Felipe Sanches, the president of the Diversity Awareness club at school also spoke. Sara Stober and Sophie Lindh were the representatives for the Young Democrats and Luca Barcelo and Jack Bound lead the Young Republicans.

Besides being a relaxing day off for students at Greenwich High School, there are some important local elections happening on November 11th. In addition to the First Selectman race, candidates for Selectman and Tax collector are also on the ballot this year.

While most of the student body may not be eligible to vote yet, there are many ways of being informed and involved with politics in Greenwich. These opportunities include joining the Greenwich Young Democrats or Young Republicans. Often times, local candidates also have internships available to interested high school students in their offices. Students interested in a specific social cause will also find a variety of clubs devoted to raising awareness about issues that students care about.

Students who will be eighteen by November 11th this year are encouraged to register to vote. Information to register can be found on the Greenwich town website. Occasionally, the town’s registrar of voters also sets up on the student center so students can start the process at school.

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