Tesla Gallery Opens On Greenwich Avenue

Michelle Xiong, Staff Writer

Among the latest additions to Greenwich Avenue is a gallery for Tesla Motors. The company is well known for its advanced technologies in energy and electric cars. Tesla’s new location, which opened in early October, is the first established in Connecticut.

The gallery’s proposal initially faced resistance from the Planning and Zoning board, because Greenwich Avenue prohibits motor vehicle related businesses, while state franchise protection laws prevent direct sales by motor companies. However, the Planning and Zoning board ultimately approved Tesla’s opening with certain restrictions. First, interested customers must travel to a different state to test drive and purchase a vehicle. Additionally, the Tesla gallery is only for the presentation of their designs and technologies.  

Inside the building, two vehicles are featured. One is a red Tesla Model S, while the other is a white Tesla Model X with impressive falcon wing doors. In addition, there is a chassis, or frame, of the Tesla vehicle on display. Its purpose is to reveal the car’s novel characteristics such as its battery pack. On the walls, there is a touchscreen to show visitors more details, as well as panels displaying different aspects of the design. There is also Tesla merchandise such as t-shirts, duffle bags, and caps for sale.

Ultimately, the Tesla gallery serves as an unique education center for alternative energy technologies. The gallery welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more about how electric cars work and how they could be a key part of a more sustainable future.