The Buses: When Will They Come?

Melanie Leguizamon

Many students at Greenwich High School rely on the sacred school bus to take them to and from school in one piece. The buses have tried their best to find ways to get students to their destination, but they have done so after picking them up late, fitting three to a seat, and not getting to the stops until five minutes before the bell. Many students believe that the new school start time have created these bus.

Speaking from experience, I can say that my school year on the bus has been shaky so far. Each day, like many other students at Greenwich High School, I sleepily drag myself to my stop and wait to see the big yellow figure approach. Unfortunately, on some of these days, I have waited and waited, but I never saw the big yellow bus, which meant having to find a ride with a friend’s mom.

Initially, my bus pick-up time was 7:53 am, which apparently meant the bus would come to our stop at 8:10 am. Because of this delay, the pick-up time was changed to 7:48 am, which seemed to translate to being picked up at 8:00 am, which was still, according to the clock, late. And on some days, my bus has even come to my stop at 8:25 am, arriving more than half an hour later than it is supposed to.

Not only has the timing of the buses created issues for the students at my stop, but the drivers have too. My stop has had a different bus driver each day, some of whom know where our stop is and some of whom have passed it or driven into a dead end, which ultimately forces students to walk a longer distance to their homes with their heavy backpacks. On top of this, before the new and improved buses were added to some locations, kids on my bus were seated three to a seat, and sitting or standing in the aisle.

The intent of this article is to not show an ungratefulness to the bus drivers, but perhaps the Greenwich Schools System should be thinking of ways to create a smoother ride for students.


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