Three Technological Products That You Should Look Out For

By Agustina Stefani – Staff Writer 

We live in a world where technology is constantly advancing and breaking the barriers of what was once considered impossible. There is an overwhelming number of products that are changing the future but we have chosen three that are worth noting and perhaps even investing in.

The first company is: Waverly Lab, there product slogan: a world without language barriers. Waverly Lab has created earbuds that have the capability to translate foreign languages. To further explain, if someone talks to you in a foreign language, Pilot will process what is being said and translate it loud enough so only you can hear.  In just two years the tech company raised $3,165,208. Waverly Lab has gotten acclaim from Forbes, Popular Science and Business Insider. Pilot is $299 but is currently sold out. However, one can reserve a pair online.

A team from the Ocean University of China is in the works of creating a market game-plan after finding success in their Graphene-Coated Solar Panels. Just like any other solar panel, this solar panel can be laid out across roofs, fields, etc, and can produce energy from sunlight. However, what is unique to this solar power is its graphene coat that can create energy from raindrops, and therefore these solar panels are not just dependent on the sun. The coating separates the ammonium, calcium, and sodium ions in the rain from the water. These ions cling to the electrons in the graphene, forming a dual-layer pseudo-capacitor system that produces electricity from the difference in potential between each layer. The only problem is that it has a 6.5% efficiency whereas normal solar panels have a 20% efficiency. This technology is very promising but still has a long way to go.

“The fontus is a gadget for adventurers,” said the Smithsonian. So what is the Fontus and why is it so great? It’s simple: it is a water bottle that fills itself. The water bottle is made up of solar panels that could power a mini-water manufacturing plant whose only source is the existing moisture in the air. It  mimics the exact principle of condensation. Normally, hikers have to rout in a way that they always find fresh-water supplies. The company’s mission was to find hikers and adventurers an alternative that would give them the freedom to go wherever they want. The Fontus is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo in two versions:  the stand-alone Fontus Airo (available for an early-bird price of $200, plus the cost of shipping) and the Fontus Ryde (available for the early-bird price of $165, plus shipping), which can be attached to a bicycle. The estimated date of international product shipment is April 2017.