“Wave of Change” Artists get a Chance to Shine

by Caitlin O’Brien

The GHS Art Department showcased their students’ work in the Student Center on Friday, March 29.
Photo credit: Caitlin O’Brien

People now more than ever are starting to realize the importance of their actions. They see how their choices can affect others and the world. Most of what is shown in the news today brings depressing information about the world, but it never explains how we can change with is wrong with the world.

With this in mind, the art department at Greenwich High School decided to create a project that made students think, “What positive change do you wish to see in the world or within yourself?” It made students sit down and think about what they want to make better, using art as a way to express that. The Project was called “Wave of Change”.

On Friday, March 29, 2019, the Wave of Change participants displayed their art in the center of the Student Center, allowing their peers to gain inspiration from their evocative work.

The projects addressed topics ranging from social issues to mental health to environmental devastations. This is important in today’s world as younger generations are trying to make a difference by stepping up and demanding change. We saw this with the Parkland Shootings, how the teens who experienced that tragic shooting are now insisting on stricter gun laws. Even with younger children who have approached the government and called for the Green New Deal to be put into action.

One student made a project based on anxiety and mindfulness in teenagers. She stated that it is a “big problem among teenagers, who always seem to feel stressed”. Getting young people to care about important issues is crucial, and this project is just one step in the right direction.

Once GHS students had to think about what is wrong with the world today, they were forced to think about how their actions affect society. They channeled that creative thinking into their artwork.

Mrs. Charles, one of the ceramics teachers, stated that they “wanted to give students a chance to voice their ideas”, and believed that “art making is a powerful way to express what is important to you and art can also become a catalyst for change.” She believed that this project would make students more aware of their ability to take things into their own hands and change the world.

Mr. Booth, another ceramics teacher, also stated, “artists can learn that they can have a powerful impact to express their ideas and raise awareness about a concern or issue.”

It is important to let teenagers and high schoolers know that what they do now can make a difference in the long run, and we at Greenwich High School are so blessed to have teachers who want us to reach our full potential and appreciate our ideas. Hopefully this project will continue on for years to come, and continue to inspire the students of Greenwich High.

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